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Maximilien Rzepka

  • Location : London (UK)
  • Email : maximilien.rzepka at

I'm a software programmer with 10-years of experience. My main focus is on data management from the raw sources to the end-user products (reports, web apps).

My skills include database (SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL), scripting (Perl, Python, Unix tools), web development (Java, PHP, javascript) and functional programming (Clojure).

I'm also present on Twitter, Github, Bitbucket.


March 2014 - May 2014 : Clojure Programmer @ Uswitch (London)

Part of the data developer team, my role was to participate to the design and implementation of data-driven applications :

  • Implementation in clojure of an ETL tool to migrate hourly data from MySQL to Redshift.
  • Web based reporting tool for product core metrics : back-end in clojure and charting based on d3js.

June 2006 - Feb. 2013 : Programmer @ Interactive Brokers (Zug


My role was to design, implement, enhance and maintain data applications.

My key responsibilities :

  • Design and implement tool in PLSQL/Java/PHP to manage customer complaints.
  • Design and implement an integration system to Sales Force (CRM tool).
  • Analyze and reconcile data in order to provide accurate executive and operative analytics (Commission, Trading activity,…).
  • Design and Implement system to report and reconcile Market Data Feeds Expenses.
  • Enhance and maintain the reporting system based on PL/SQL and Perl scripts.
  • Create small-scale webapps used by Help Desk, Risk Management, Compliance (monitor and follow-up customer's large positions, equity,…)
  • Enhance and maintain the internal translation system written in PHP/MySQL.
  • Enhance and maintain Contract Search a Perl/PHP/MySQL webapp to access any financial contracts.

Technical stacks used :

  • Unix environment with important use of Perl and awk.
  • Webdev stacks in PHP/JQuery and Java/Spring/JSF.
  • MySQL and Oracle Databases.

Nov. 2004 - April. 2006 : Java/SQL Consultant (Paris)

Numerous assignments as a Java/SQL consultant where I was responsible for enhancing and maintaining customer applications :

  • Nov 2005 - Apr 2006 : was engaged to add features to Swing GUI applications at Telintrans.
  • Feb 2005 - Jul 2005 : was part of an off-site Java developement team at teamlog to deliver Web Application for Government Administration using Struts and Hibernate.
  • Oct 2004 - Feb 2005 : was engaged to create/enhance complex SQL queries at France Telecom.

Sep. 2003 - Oct. 2004 : Java development @ Confiants SARL (Paris)

Software Engineer in a start-up (Confiants SARL), responsible of research, design and implementation of innovative solutions.

The product is a Web-based application to secure exchanges in public e-procurement. It's based on java applets for the creation and the visualization of e-signatures.

Technologies used :

  • Java : Swing, JNI, Lucene, Struts, Hibernate.
  • Notions of applied cryptography related to certificate management.


March 2013 - Oct 2013 : Data Science

I passed the Cloudera Data Science Essentials DS200 exam in May 2013 and I've submitted a clojure solution to the Cloudera Web Analytics Challenge.

I attended to the BigDive June 2013 in Torino (Italy) a Full-stack Data Science Training (machine learning, mapReduce,visualization, python) and wrote a blog post Data Analysis Explained While Kaggling.


1998 - 2002 : Academical education in Mathematics (Paris)

  • 2000-2002 : PhD in probability University Paris X Nanterre (not completed)
  • 2002 Mid-Semester : Assistant Professor in Probability Class for Economy Student at University Paris X Nanterre.
  • Summer 2000 : Traineeship at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis working on roads detection algorithm written in C.
  • Master in Mathematics (Probability) at proba.jussieu University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI).
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